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Looking for temporary heat setup for your business or construction site?

Our portable heaters are designed to quickly, easily & economically provide heating solutions to any cold temperature environment.

Our temporary heat – heater rental service makes it easy for you to temporarily rent a heating system for your commercial business, industrial property or construction site during the winter months. When you are in need of temporary heating fast, we are available 24/7 to deliver and setup a heating solution that works for you.

Temporary Portable Heat

Absolutely Dry portable heaters are designed to quickly, easily and economically provide heating solutions to any cold temperature environment. From accelerating the cure time of your concrete job to raising the temperature to finish a drywall job, we have heaters for every job. This greatly reduces costs and keeps jobs on time and on budget – save time and money year round with portable heat from Absolutely Dry.

Absolutely Dry portable heaters are also great for use in homes and businesses when your furnace goes out or you have an emergency and require portable heat. Absolutely Dry will also deliver portable heat to your event. Contact us today at (219) 465-9339 to learn more about Portable Heaters.

For your portable and temporary heating needs, the BIG HEAT is designed to provide heat in harsh conditions with two independently operating heater units providing up to a combined 1,030,000 BTU’s of heat. The iQ system continuously monitors the heater, producing a higher degree of fuel efficiency with less soot and smoke. With a Fluid Containment System (FCS) and a single cell, double wall steel fuel tank, this heater is a top choice for worry free jobsites.

Key Features include:
■ iQ System Simplifies Calibration of Heater for Quick Startup
■ Twin Heater Units Produce 1,030,000 Combined BTU’s
■ Fluid Containment System (FCS)
■ Single Cell, Double Wall SteelFuel Tank
■ CAT or IsuzuLiquid-Cooled Diesel Engine

Temporary and portable heating option available for residential and commercial use –  our Indirect Fired Air Heater. It offers 800,000 BTU’s per hour (235 kW) of heat in a midsize heater platform mounted on a single axle trailer. It is an indirect diesel fired heater that provides clean, safe, and reliable air flow capable of ducting long distances with minimal loss of air pressure or outlet temperature.

It has a temperature rise of up to 180° F (82° C) and an air output volume of 3,900 cubic feet per minute at 3 inches of static pressure water column, delivered through two (2) 12 inch (304 mm) outlets. The heat exchanger is designed and constructed of stainless steel. We offer simple to use, push button controls for ease of operation.

This portable, temporary rental heater option provides 100% clean, dry heat for indoor and outdoor use. It features a whisper quiet blower and is great for special events and community outdoor events.

We can provide safe outdoor heating for specials events including beer and wine fests, winter and holiday festivals, and fundraisers. We offer FREE power and heating for community events.

Some markets served include: Steel Mill Heating, Coal Heating, Senior Living, City Special Events, Chambers of Commerce, Construction, Aviation, Parks Departments

 Industrial heater rental available for industrial job sites temporary heating.

  • Easy access to burner and electrical controls
  • Simple Conversion Between Natural Gas and Propane
  • Fork Lift and Pallet Jack Pockets
  • Single Point Lifting Hook
  • 3 Recirculation Options
  • 2 x 16″ ducts (Optional 1 x 20″)
  • Accepts both 1-phase and 3-phase electrical input as standard feature
  • Patented high-efficiency 304 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Single switch control for convenient simple operation
  • VFD “Soft Start” control provides smooth startup with lower amp draw
  • Remote thermostat
  • Compact Design – Uses less space on job site and during off season storage
BTU Rating:
800,000 BTU/hr